New Bummer Study Affirms Honey’s Just as Bad for You because High-Fructose Corn Syrup


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For the study, researchers from the USDA, the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Analysis Center, and the University of Minnesota had Second 55 participants ingest everyday doses of honey, sugar, and high-fructose maize syrup for two weeks. Following your two weeks were way up, scientists compared the actual participants' blood sugar, insulin, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure readings. 

What they uncovered: The impact was essentially the same, no matter what style of sweetener people had. Many markers were unaffected during that time (that makes sense—you’re probably not going to gain five weight after having a daily measure of sugar for two weeks), but triglyceride ranges (blood fats which are a marker pertaining to heart disease) rose wonderful three.

While the news can be a bummer for honey followers (and the National Honey Board), it’s definitely not shocking to everybody. 

The American Heart Connection already lumps sweetie in with other additional sugars.

They state online:

“Added sugars contain any sugars or caloric sweeteners which might be added to foods or maybe beverages during control or preparation (like putting sugar in your coffee or adding sugar to your cereal). Additional sugars (or included sweeteners) can include natural sugars, such as white colored sugar, brown sweets, and honey, together with other caloric sweeteners which might be chemically manufactured (including high-fructose corn syrup).”

Added sugars surely have a bad reputation. A study published this past year in the journal JAMA Interior Medicine found that added sweets cause an increased risk of dying from heart related illnesses. It can also impact your mind: A 2012 rat on-line massage therapy schools UCLA found that a high-sugar eating habits can impair mastering and memory through basically slowing down the brain. 

Research is mixed with whether all sorts of sugar are likewise bad, but the Mayonnaise Clinic released process earlier this year that state “there is no need for added fructose or perhaps any added sweets in the diet.” In addition to, apparently, honey.

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So while you don’big t have to completely shun sugar, it’s probably safe to assume in which there’s no variety out there that’s truly “healthy.”