How Watching ‘The Mindy Project’ Might help Prevent Weight Gain


The result? The women ingested 52 percent more food while watching this “boring” program than after they watched the “engaging” display. And reading did not help keep their hands out of the snack containers, either–they also ate 35 percent more while studying Swedish insects in comparison with while focusing on the participating program.

“These results demonstrate that, in our cohort of healthful young women, it is not just TV watching that stimulates concurrent consuming, but rather the content on the TV (or relevant media),” researchers wrote in the examine text. “In particular, feeling of boredom, or a lack of wedding, appears to be a significant contributor to the decision to consume underneath these contexts.”

That claimed, while an exciting, edge-of-your-seat TV show appears to reduce the style of mindless snacking leading to weight gain, it’s no excuse to deal your evening walk for a House of Cards marathon; in fact, watching TV is still an exercise-free activity, and a mix of exercise and small amounts will always be your best bet with regard to slimming down.

When you do pull in on the couch on your favorite show, arm yourself with healthy, pre-portioned snacks to stop overeating. Try one of them 28 snacks under One hundred calories or one these 11 surprisingly healthy treats.