9 Women Reveal the Very Best Part of Reaching Your Goal Weight


“The best feeling when you reach your goal fat is looking back about all the hard work you’ve put in and seeing precisely how far you’ve truly come.” —Katie Groff

“I feel a lot better in every way. The clothes feels better, my body system feels the big difference, and I do have much more energy working out.Inch —Nora Diaz

“Having more energy is the best part! But fitting in smaller jeans and garments is awesome, too!In —Yvonne Spevere

“I have learned to enjoy all types of food in moderation with out cutting anything available because life is exactly about balance.” —Carla Schoeman

“Shopping! I used to hate shopping and might never find anything to wear. I am right now half my dimensions, and I have countless options–even in the junior area!” —Rosio Greenwood

“The confidence and being comfortable absolutely need skin!” —Chant Stuart

“It’s concerning feeling unbelievably healthy and strong. It’s about being able to match my two-year-old son. It is more about being an example for you to him about what is powerful, healthy, and what true beauty looks like (inside and outside).” —Rebecca Anton

“All I want to do is work out, eat healthy, and keep it up! Now i’m absolutely in love with my body.” —Courtney Ciandella

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